Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This Should Be Repugnant to Taxpayers, Shouldn't It?

Normandale Community College, a public institution in the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota, has a Muslim prayer room—built at least in part with the paid labor of college employees! According to this article in the unusually-liberal Star Tribune [Note: You will only be able to read "most" of the article before being beset with ads to pay to read the rest], this prayer room is home to only one religion's faith; is segregated by sex; contains literature for distribution that most of the civilized and western world finds offensive concerning the role of women; and advertises events for Muslims in the community—all of this in addition to being provided (read that: Paid for) by the college and its supporting taxpayers.

On top of all that, the college used the last functional racquetball court on campus for this place.

If the fundamental, Bible-believing Christians on that campus asked for a chapel on campus, built at least in part by the college in college facilities, that (while open to all) was only to have, say, Baptist services in it, can you imagine the outcry? It would never be tolerated! It would be a "horrifying breach of church and state!"

The hypocrisy of this is nauseating. A religion of intolerance with a long history of violence and brutality is welcomed....

Interestingly, there is no mention of the ACLU in this article, or "People for the Separation of Church and State," or any other such God-hating groups. they not object to this?

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