Saturday, January 19, 2008

The South Carolina Republican Primary: 1/19/08

At this moment, with 82% of precincts reporting, is reporting that McCain leads Huckabee by a 33%-to-30% margin, and are "projecting" McCain to be the winner. Weather is believed to have impacted the voting as well as the vote-counting; and areas of the state believed to be Huckabee strongholds are among those whose votes have not yet been tabulated.

The S.C. Republican primary has been among the most interesting to observe. A Mormon gets 15% of the vote in a very Baptist state, despite focusing on Nevada's caucuses (also today; yes, Romney won there). Fred Thompson's best efforts only get him 16%, while Giuliani and Paul receive only marginal numbers.

I find a McCain victory rather surprising (assuming is right). He had a highly disappointing showing there in 2000. He is not the kind of conservative frequently found in SC. He has, quite frankly, shown chameleon-like tendencies over the past decade of campaigning. This day is going to be the equivalent of a dagger-to-the-chest for Huckabee; let's just hope the surgeons are successful.

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