Thursday, August 30, 2007

You might be from Harrisburg if....

Continuing an earlier theme, my youngest brother sent me this gem about how you might know if you are from the capital city of Harrisburg. For those of you not from the Harrisburg area, you may not find it as amusing; for those of us who grew it up there, it's really good.

You know you're from Harrisburg if:

You have to tell people from out of state you live near Hershey.

Steelton, pronounced Stilton, is "that area in between Harrisburg & Middletown."

Your city's idea of art is to stick Painted Cows in front of all important buildings.

You can pronounce Kipona correctly.

Camp Hill is pronounced Cam-Pill.

Camp Hill/New Cumberland/Mechanicsburg/Lemoyne/Enola are joined together to form the West Shore .

The Farm Show is good for three things: potato doughnuts, milkshakes, and usually bad weather.

Even a chance of snow warrants at least a one hour delay, and mass hysteria to raid Giant or Weis markets for bread and milk.

Anything over two inches of snow warrants a two hour delay with modified kindergarten.

You know that Forster Street is pronounced Foster Street.

You pronounce Progress with a long O.

You remember when the Point Mall and Camp Hill Mall were malls.

You still refer to the "Harrisburg Mall" as the "East Mall".

You know that Colonial Park refers to a neighborhood and a mall.

You know that Mayor Reed has the power to do anything he wants.

You don't know where the nearest Wawa is, but you can find 6 Rite Aids or CVS's within a five mile radius of your home.

You don't go to the Civil War Museum.

You don't use "to be" in sentences: "my car needs washed" or "the dishes need done."

You've been on the ride at Chocolate World more times than you can count and have definitely not always "kept your arms and legs inside."

You remember when Hoyt's was still called Hoyt's.

You used to listen to Wink 104.

You've been to every festival on Front Street at least once.

You know that the real shopping is at King of Prussia and you know that King of Prussia isn't actually a person.

You get frustrated when people think that Candy Lane is a board game.

You know that the BonTon used to be called Pomeroys.

You know what Turkey Hill is.

You've either eaten or known people who have eaten pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Day.

You know Round Top is a poor excuse for a ski resort but have probably been there anyway.

You know every snack food factory in America is within a one hour radius.

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