Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thoughts on Michael Vick and Abortion, continued

Michael Vick was apparently unsatisfied with some of his dogs. Therefore, he killed them.

  • The dogs committed no crime.
  • The manner of the killings was cruel and inhumane.
  • He did not want most of the world to know what he did.
  • His actions were illegal under federal law.
And most of the world now looks on Vick as a barbaric person.

Some women get pregnant and are displeased with the prospect of having children. Therefore, abortion "doctors" kill them.
  • The babies committed no crime.
  • The manner of the killings is cruel and inhumane.
  • Most try to keep their activities secretive.
  • Their actions are legal in this country.
Logically, then, are not these people at least as barbaric as Michael Vick? Why does the media portray Vick as an evil person, yet excuses the abortion industry?

If a woman has a right to kill her child, why doesn't Vick have a right to kill his dog?

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