Wednesday, August 1, 2007

God's Glory: A Great Quotation

I picked up this great quote from my friend Todd Wood (see blog in right column) regarding the glory we ought to attribute to God. The picture to which he refers (click here to view) is of a very old-looking barn with a sunset in the background. The barn appears to be in danger of collapsing in the next strong wind.

This picture of an Idaho shack is a good illustration of our present earth (Isaiah 24:20). Morally polluted, the earth is on its last leg, swaying like a drunk before the judgment of God. Al Gore is leading a crusade to save it. But we definitely have bigger problems like mankind’s lack of acknowledging and exalting the majesty of God.

There is a scene by far more grand and beautiful than the sun filling the skies, it is when the LORD of hosts shall reign in mount Zion and in Jerusalem (Isaiah 24:23). One thing stands out before his ancients. It is glory.


Stop dwelling on man’s glory.

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