Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thoughts on the NFL Draft

At times today, I caught brief glimpses of the NFL Draft. I know my team picked two players, of whom I know relatively little at this time.

What amazes me is the passionate, almost psychotic fascination that some people have with analyzing the NFL draft. Should the team with the 17th pick trade up to get the 14th? What should they trade? Good move? Dumb move? Should they choose a linebacker? A quarterback? A kicker? And then, of course, the "instant analysis" once a team picks someone: "He's an impact player! They'll use him in special teams and certain 3rd down situations! [Various other comments regarding his speed, size, athleticism, etc. will be given, also]"

I like football. I love my Steelers. I enjoy the game immensely. But I just can't get this psyched up over the draft. As long as my team doesn't pick losers who will be a negative impact on the team, I just can't get that passionately fascinated.

And it's probably just as well that I don't. After all, that would make my focus on football stronger than my focus on spiritual things...and I don't want that.

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