Sunday, April 13, 2008

Highlights from Tax Season, Part 2

Here are some more interesting observations from the year in taxes:

  • Don't get divorced. But if you do, please state in your divorce decree not only who gets custody of the child(ren), but who gets to claim them as dependents each year. And then abide by the decree, and don't try to pull one over on your ex. Leave a copy of the divorce decree with your tax preparer.
  • Yesterday I prepared tax returns for a single woman who has owed the state of Michigan $2, $1, and $4 over the last three years.
  • Last week I had a man who had won big on slots three times, or three different days, in the same week—total winnings were just over $16,000. I think he likes that casino. Yes, that is taxable income.
  • Don't take money out of your 401(k)—before age 60—unless someone's life or liberty hangs in the balance of that decision. I know it's tempting. So are lots of other things you aren't supposed to do.
  • Did 2007 and 2006 tax returns just this week—for a part-time pastor and his wife. Apparently they need to take another look at Matt. 22:17-21, Mark 12:14-17, and Luke 20:22-25. (To their credit, they brought along their giving statements to their church—they had half the commandment correct.)
  • Number of clients who had to report back to law enforcement before the day was out: 2
  • Number of H&R Block polo shirts I now own: 2

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