Friday, April 4, 2008

Furthermore, the Emperor Has No Clothes...

A local fifth-grade student made headlines this week by correctly identifying a technical error in the Smithsonian's Tower of Time exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History. Apparently, he was alert to the fact that "Precambrian" is not technically classified as an era. While no visitors to the museum had commented on this since it was erected in 1981, some of the paleobiologists on the staff had already noticed it.

Young Kenton certainly deserves credit for being observant and noticing something that was incorrect in the scheme of evolutionary thought.

But the greater error is so much more obvious: There was no evolution! The Smithsonian, like most of the American scientific establishment, unabashedly assumes that all we see came to pass as a result of billions of years of gradual change; and furthermore scorns the idea of an omnipotent Creator who made it all. The Tower of Time is a piece of the propaganda machine used to add credit to the unproven, unprovable, and untenable hypothesis of evolution.

Kenton pointed out that the emperor has a little tiny mole. I'd like to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

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