Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thoughts on Worship

I read an article today describing a church in PA that recently opened a "branch" in a building that formerly housed a car dealership. While I certainly have no disagreement with the use of such a building for a church, I disagreed strongly with the type of "worship" this church practiced. It was self-focused and attempting to draw people into the facility, rather than God-focused and attempting to please Him.

Worship of God is not up to us. It is not about what we think it should be. It is not about what we want or think is right.

Worship of God is decided by God. It is about what He thinks it should be. It is about what He wants and what He determines is right.

Let us all learn what the Bible teaches about worship. I think it would surprise a lot of people today.


Peter Matesevac said...

Do you realize that this was the VW dealership on Chambers Hill Road?

Ken said...

Yes. The article was from the Harrisburg paper and sent to me by someone you know.

Gene Branaman said...

You are correct, throughout Salvation History, God let His people know exactly how He desired to be worshiped. Why do we, today, expect that we can't know how God wants to be worshiped? Millions of Christians don't believe we can.

So, how should Christians today worship? What is there in the Bible that presents how they worshiped? Not much. And that leads to folks relying on their own understanding, rather than God's will for how He desires to be worshiped, how He wants His Church to be organized.

Frankly, there's more written in non-Biblical documents like the Didache (70 AD) & others. They are extraordinarily consistent in their presentation of how the early Christians worshiped. They supported their form of worship with Sacred Scripture & you can see that form reflected in St Paul's letters (especially Corinthians).