Monday, February 8, 2010

North Carolina Radical Educators

A proposal has been put forward in North Carolina that would change the graduation requirements for history classes. Instead of the one year of World History, one year of civics and economics, and one year of U.S. History (typically in that order from 9th grade to 11th), this proposal would change the requirements to a year of "Global Studies" in the 9th grade, and change the U.S. History course so that it only covered events from 1877 to the present.

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The teaching of history in our public schools is already abysmal enough. This is simply a brazen attempt to force liberal indoctrination on the children of that state. This "Global Studies" course sounds like the kind of propaganda the United Nations would approve of.

But the most glaring flaw is to intentionally avoid teaching about the first half of our country's history—ignoring such things as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, early debates about the proper scope and power of government, the first century of our nation's growth, the Civil War, and slavery. All of these are significant topics that demand study by our youth. Anyone who thinks they are not relevant to the high school curriculum is either delusional or ignorant.

I hope that North Carolinians rise up and protest this inane proposal. Their history curriculum no doubt needs improvement, but this proposal is a disaster.

Read one particularly eloquent opinion here.

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