Friday, December 18, 2009

Why You Should Still Be Concerned

I blogged earlier about why Senate liberals, despite all their bluster about not getting everything they want in the healthcare bill, will inevitably vote for it. (Howard Dean says he wouldn't, but he does not get a vote.)

This opinion was backed up by, of all people, former President Bill Clinton. From

Former President Bill Clinton came to the defense of the Senate bill. Clinton, whose ambitions were humbled by the collapse of his own health care remake, reminded Democrats that political pros don't let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

"Take it from someone who knows: These chances don't come around every day," Clinton said in a statement. "Allowing this effort to fall short now would be a colossal blunder -- both politically for our party, and far more important, for the physical, fiscal and economic health of our country."

Clinton understands how this has worked and how it will work. Quite frankly, so do the Senate liberals/statists. They will argue for what they want, and they will complain about what they don't get...but they will vote for the bill.

It's the (so-called) "moderate Democrats" and the Senators from Maine that we have to put pressure upon.

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A Conservative Teacher said...

Moderate and blue dog democrats will fold like a cheap suit and vote for whatever bill is put out that says 'healthcare reform'. That is why you never vote Democrat- moderate or blue dog, they'll always be a Democrat. Republicans are different- there are a lot of them that are RINO's, and to be nice pretend to be Democrats at times. That's why you should always vote Republican.