Thursday, December 10, 2009

2010 Nobel Prize Nominees

President Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize today, and gave a speech that essentially defended his role in war. I can agree with that...but he didn't exactly pick the most appropriate time to say what he said.

In the spirit of today's event, I was running through my mind some possible nominees for the 2010 Nobel prizes.

Physics: To the guy who was able to use the dinky car jack to successfully change a flat tire on his car in under 30 minutes, and was able to replace everything in the trunk as it was originally found.

Economics: To Dave Ramsey, who could teach a lot of world leaders a lot about such important topics as debt.

Medicine: To the mom who successfully and simultaneously treated three sick kids on the same weekend.

Peace: Me. Just because I'm a nice guy. And I like peace.

Literature: My wife. She writes great poetry about such things as turning 40 and healing after a bout with diverticulitis.

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