Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Words From College Football

These first two quotes are from Pat Forde's column on They are both insightful and witty:

Regarding Brandon Spikes "gouging" of a player last week:

Gators coach Urban Meyer (4) reviewed the video and used it as a teaching moment. The lesson Meyer delivered: Nothing, not even thuggish behavior, will be allowed to substantively interfere with our pursuit of a repeat national title. That was the unmistakable message sent by Meyer's semisuspension of Spikes....
Regarding the recent spate of "alternative uniforms," and which colleges aren't likely to succomb to that temptation:
Penn State (19). Some 200 years from now, when Joe Paterno finally has shuffled off this mortal coil, they might try something different -- a logo on the helmet, words on the jersey, something radical like that. Until then, forget it. There is a better chance for the Yankees to replace their pinstripes with plaid.
Shocking statistics from conferences you may not care about:

If Duke wins its remaining games, it will be the ACC football champion. (When did that last happen? When dinosaurs were roaming the earth?) Duke could possibly play in a BCS bowl game.

Temple is undefeated in league play. And it's November. They could win the MAC. Really...they could win the MAC.

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