Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sen. Arlen Specter is...

There are several ways to complete that sentence, after I heard Sen. Specter interviewed on Sean Hannity's radio show on my way home yesterday. I was appalled at the senator's incoherent and bumbling remarks at times. Perhaps he may have had difficulty with his phone reception, but even so, I have come to expect better answers to questions from my 9-year-old.

Here are some adjectives streaming from my brain in the aftermath of the interview. Sen. Specter is...

...incoherent. Anyone who follows politics knows that politicians frequently evade direct answers to tough questions—but there's a difference between smooth evasion and disjointed wandering away from a question. The unkind would accuse him of senility.

...foolish. Does he really believe what he's saying? Does he really think this bill will help the economy? He did not even do a good job of faking wisdom.

...wrong. Flat out wrong. History will judge him harshly for this; contemporaries will not be favorable, either.

...embarassing. To the great state of Pennsylvania, that is. And to the GOP, for that matter.

If Sen. Specter casts his vote for this so-called stimulus bill, he should be expelled from the Republican Party. (The same goes for the two ladies from Maine. These three were RINO, anyway.) This would send the kind of message the GOP needs to send to America—We Are No Longer The Party of Huge and Wasteful Spending.

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