Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Could Your Family Live on $1500 of Food for One Year?

Today I encountered a fascinating blog (the link will remain at right) about a woman who made it her goal, in her words, "to live on $1,500 for one year for groceries, household items and personal expenses (haircuts, medical copays)." The family consists of husband, wife, and two preschool children; one of the children is still in diapers.

She updates her blog about twice daily; it seems to have begun around the beginning of this month. It has been featured on and elsewhere.

Truth in disclosure forces her to point out that they began the year with a stockpile of groceries and coupons, but nevertheless, her record of coupon use and sale purchases is impressive. Today's blog entry indicates that they are over budget to this point, but I figure that they are spending roughly half of what my family spends per person per month.

I am looking forward to following their progress in the months ahead.

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