Monday, January 5, 2009

Commendations to Israel!

Israel, for some time now, has been under attack from cowards in the Gaza Strip. Eventually their patience was tried and they recently began to attack those who have attacked them.

For this, they face a great deal of international condemnation and complaint.

I think Israel should be commended for the high level of restraint it has shown so far. Israel is fighting an enemy that hides among civilians; this enemy has said (rough English translation from Arabic) that Israel should be driven into the sea/driven into hell/murdered after raping their women. If I were the leader of Israel, my inclination would be to wipe out the enemy and end any discussion about self-rule in the Gaza Strip for at least the next 275 years.

Instead, I hear that Israel is sending courtesy phone calls to people whose homes are minutes away from being bombed, and doing its best to minimize civilian casualties. Israel should be commended.

Pray for the peace of Israel.

1 comment: said...

I had a an amazing opportunity to visit Israel for a week in early 2006 and to tour various places with various hosts and guides and even a military detail...

These rockets are landing in neighborhoods. There are buildings all along the border pockmarked with rocket and bullet holes, singed black from the flames.

The fact that Israel hasn't simply pushed the entire population of the strip into Lebanon shows remarkable restraint and they should be commended. You're right.