Friday, November 28, 2008

The Worst News Days of the Year...

...are the Wednesday through Friday surrounding Thanksgiving. Consider the numbing predictability:

Wednesday: Obligatory reporter at airport, discussing how busy the airport is. Other reporters reporting on traffic in the region. Obligatory predictions from AAA about how many more/less people will be driving/flying during the upcoming weekend. Relevant weather issues discussed.

Thursday: There is no news, unless terrorists attacked somewhere in the world. Obligatory reporter found at a local agency where free dinners are being provided to those who otherwise could not afford them. Obligatory coverage of parades and, since there's time to kill, discussion of tomorrow's big sales and crowds. Sports coverage is the highlight of the day.

Friday: Obligatory reporters at local area Wal-Marts, Best Buys, and other big box retailers discussing how early the lines began to form (video of lines in the middle of the darkness being shown here) and what products these people are looking to buy. From somewhere will come a report of crowds who were (to put it kindly) disruptive and/or injuries from a trampling somewhere. Sports coverage is again the highlight of the day.

Nothing is happening in politics (and perhaps that's just as well), the markets are quiet, and the biggest local event may well be a Santa sighting.

Perhaps they could just produce these programs in advance and give more people the day off?

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Anonymous said...'re RIGHT!! We here in Texas had exactly the same kind of news coverage. I think it's all coming from a common why don't they just have a single news channel for the whole country since we're all having the same thing happen?