Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What is a Gentleman?

Today I stole a moment to look at the Collegian Online from my alma mater. I found an article about the University's Artist Series and some etiquette suggestions, which I totally agreed with. The article concluded with a segment titled "What is a gentleman?" I share most of it here:

A gentleman is not just a man who holds open doors for women. He’s not just a man who picks up things that a woman drops or who carries his girlfriend’s bag.

A gentleman is a servant-leader—a man who finds thoughtful ways to show people that they are important to him. He acts confidently, based on what he knows to be right, and his deportment commands the respect of those who know him.

Being a gentleman is not just a way you act toward a woman you are interested in—being a gentleman is a state of mind and a pattern of life.

A man does not magically become a gentleman in one day. He is always seeking to learn how to best express his appreciation and respect for other people.

Especially in his dealings with women, a gentleman is characterized by respect and discernment. He consciously seeks to identify and understand her concerns, making the woman feel comfortable at all times.

A true gentleman accepts the responsibility to react in the way he knows to be right and to constantly strive for greater understanding of this responsibility.

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