Saturday, October 4, 2008

Obama Blue Day In Public Schools! What?!?

The Virginia state teachers' union has announced that Tuesday would be an "Obama Blue Day"—teachers were to wear blue-colored shirts to school in order to show unity and support for their preferred candidate.

The Virginia Education Association sent out an e-mail on 9/25 with these instructions. However, it said that this was not intended to encourage teachers to use their classrooms for partisan political purposes, although they could use the occasion to encourage their 18-year-old students to register to vote.

I suspect that some of these teachers, however, are Republicans, and are rip-roaring mad that their union, which sucks away their money like so many mosquitoes, has the audacity to slap them in the face like this. I hope they wear red on that day.

This is yet another example of a great problem of public education: It's OK to say or do what you want—so long as it is liberal, or godless. Had conservatives or Christians done something similar (How about a "Wear green for God" day??), would there be outrage?


Anonymous said...

I LIVE in Va and I AM OUTRAGED !!! Yes He visited our schools here recently and I felt funny because so one sided Republicand attacked for doing that .. May I have your permision to post your blog better may I REQUEST you blog this EVERYWHERE .. TY and may God Bless you

Ken said...

You are welcome to spread the word.