Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Love College Football!

Let's review the highlights of the day:

Penn State 48, Wisconsin 7. The Nittany Lions travel to Madison, where few teams ever win, and absolutely crush the Badgers. It was beautiful. Truly beautiful. The only thing more beautiful would be to add to the misery of....

Toledo 13, Michigan 10. I may live in their state, but I can't stand the Wolverines football team. Congratulations to that little MAC school that was 1-4 and couldn't hold anybody under, like, 34 points a game until today....

Ohio State 16, Purdue 3. I mention this to please my wife.

Florida 51, LSU 21. We can only pray that this will keep LSU from sneaking into the BCS title game again with an eventual 8-4 record.

Oklahoma State 28, Missouri 23. Mizzou loses at home after winning at Nebraska by 35 last week. Incredible. PSU moves up another couple notches in the standings!

Texas 45, Oklahoma 35. Another top 5 team loses. And another one wins.

Prognostication: With PSU at #6 and winning, and with three of the top five teams losing, they should be at worst #3 in the polls tomorrow. I predict the top three teams will be Texas, PSU, and Alabama (idle today). As they say at McDonald's, I'm lovin it!

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