Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Need Motivation? Meet Capt. Ivan Castro

I don't know about you, but I get weary of hearing yellow-spined Americans criticize the military—an organization with individuals far more competent, in general, than those same yellow-spined folks.

And then you read this story about Capt. Ivan Castro, a man who fought bravely with special forces in Iraq, who was the victim of mortar fire back in September 2006. In addition to breaking his arm and shoulder and shredding the left side of his face, he lost all vision in both eyes. He is now totally blind.

So what did he do? He set higher goals. And he remained in the Special Forces.

Of course, he cannot go into combat again. But he is actively involved in the mission of Special Forces at Fort Bragg, NC. He works hard. He is admired. He does his duty well.

He most certainly did not quit. He goes to the gym and works out, and he has run marathons in the past couple years. He is friendly and outgoing.

The article ends with this anecdote about him presiding over the promotion of another soldier:

"Affixing the new soldier's rank to his uniform, Castro urged the soldier to perform two ranks higher. In the Special Forces, he said, one has to go above and beyond what is asked — advice he lives by.

"I want to be treated the same way as other officers," Castro said. "I don't want them to take pity over me or give me something I've not earned."

If only everyone lived this way!

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