Tuesday, July 29, 2008

John Edwards—Have You Heard?

Foxnews.com reported a couple days ago that John Edwards was cornered by National Enquirer reporters in a Beverly Hills hotel, in the middle of the night, after spending several hours in the hotel room of one Rielle Hunter and her (reportedly, "their") child. The Enquirer story has already been released, and they claim to have additional photos not yet shared with the general public. And unlike many of the Enquirer's "stories," this one seems to have some journalistic merit to it.

So why has this gotten Zero coverage from the mainstream media...the same mainstream media that howls at any sniff of scandal, real or imagined, from most other politicians [esp. GOP politicians]? One very interesting scenario (of several) came from this article. I share the quote here:

And if journalists try to defend their lack of interest by saying that they just don’t believe the story, they could start by asking themselves if an innocent man, who had already been accused of having a love child with this woman in December, would arrange to spend several hours with her late at night alone in a hotel room? And would he then rush into a bathroom to avoid reporters? And would he then issue non-denials by condemning tabloids but refusing to answer why he was visiting the woman in the first place or whether he was indeed the father of her baby? Is that how an innocent man would act if the woman was, as the cover story goes, just the woman who had an affair with one of his aides?
I agree—this is not how the innocent would act. The innocent would simply issue a vehement denial and probably give their alibi for the evening. Edwards, to my knowledge, has not done this. It will be interesting to see where this story goes.

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