Wednesday, February 20, 2008

U.S. House Democrats: Making the World Unsafe!

Let me let Newt Gingrich explain it...this comes from an e-mail from him:

At issue is the extension of the Protect America Act that was passed last August to allow U.S. intelligence agencies to monitor foreigner-to-foreigner communications without a warrant. Congress has known for six months that this ability under the Protect America Act was set to expire on Sunday. So last week, by an overwhelmingly bipartisan majority, the Senate passed legislation to prevent the authority from lapsing.

But the House Democratic leadership, led by Speaker Pelosi, refused to let the House vote on the bill. This led to a House GOP walk out led by Minority Leader John Boehner (Ohio), who said, "We will not stand idly by and watch the floor of the United States House of Representatives be abused for pure, political grandstanding at the expense of our national security."

Why? Not because the bill lacked bipartisan support, but because it lacked trial lawyer support. The Senate-passed bill contains a provision granting immunity from lawsuits to telecommunications companies that have been cooperating with the government in the War on Terror.

Instead of putting her fellow Democrats in a position where they have to make a public vote in favor of trial lawyers over the safety of Americans, Speaker Pelosi opted to leave Washington for vacation.

If this makes your red all-American blood boil, feel free to contact your congressman (especially if you live in the San Francisco area).

It is patently foolish to prevent our own front lines of intelligence from doing their job, intercepting the communications of foreign terror suspects talking to others on foreign soil. In time of war, this important task may be called spying...and is generally accepted. And we are at war with the Islamic element in our world that wants to destroy our country, our religion, and what we stand for.

Did she really forget that?

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