Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Good, Clean Family Fun Idea!

Do you want to have a good time with your kids (especially if they're of elementary age)? Here's an idea: Take them blueberry picking. And really play it up before you go, too. Last Saturday I took my three girls to the local blueberry U-Pick place. I was a little perturbed at the sharp rise in price from last year, but the four of us picked about 23 pounds of blueberries together. Aside from the heat, they had a great time. I had taken the older two girls each of the past two summers, and each time, they start talking about next year's trip...on the way home in the car!

If you don't live in an area where blueberries are indigenous, try something else—strawberries, apples, oranges (for you Floridians), or even vegetables—especially if it's something your children like to eat! This is just one way to have an enjoyable time with your kids and do something productive and healthy.

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