Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Blessings of Summer Camp

This year my two oldest children went to Camp Co-Be-Ac in the northern half of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. As expected, they had a wonderful time with the other girls from their church and some of the kids from the church my in-laws attend.

Of course, my wife and I are very pleased that our children had a good time (and sustained no injuries beyond bug bites!). But more importantly, we are thrilled that both of them made significant spiritual decisions, specifically, to be willing to be missionaries if that is what God wants them to do.

Camp should not be merely for fun...and fun, indeed, is a great part of the camp experience. Like my parents before me, I believe that every Christian kid who is old enough ought to go away to a Christian camp at least once a year. (I did for nine straight summers growing up, and enjoyed every single week.) Christian camps give young people an opportunity to go away from the electronics-saturated, entertainment-and-sloth-driven, peer-pressure-filled summer "vacations" that many of them are accustomed to, and place them in an environment where they are more prone to hear the Holy Spirit's still, small voice. The numbers of young people who have made significant life decisions at Christian summer camps, including myself and two of my children, is very, very long—testament to the powerful influence these great institutions have.

May God bless godly camp ministries, and may we pray for their success in the mission God has called them to.

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