Saturday, January 15, 2011

Your Happy Thought For Today

Pittsburgh 31

Baltimore 24

Baltimore is one of my least favorite cities on the earth, partly because of its crime, partly because I have found the people to be generally unfriendly, partly because it's so heavily liberal politically, partly because of its arrogance, and even partly because of what happened to the Cleveland Browns.

And my memories of the city aren't real pretty either. My wife and I still remember, back in late 1995, as we drove through Maryland, hearing radio yak-yaks bitterly talk about how Jacksonville got the team that Baltimore deserved (I missed their rationale for that). I remember hearing people bitterly say, many years later, how the Colts "snuck out of town." This is the city that embraced Art Modell and still wants to kill Robert Irsay. That tells you something. Baltimore even threatened to seize the Colts back in 1984 to prevent them from moving.

And furthermore, many of the Baltimore Ravens players are the absolute antithesis of role models. Though every team has a few character-deficient players, the Ravens seem to have a lot more than average...and historically have.

So in closing, I am happy to report that the Steelers defeated the Ravens by a score of 31-24. Enjoy.

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