Thursday, November 18, 2010

These Kids Are Good!

Tonight was "Fine Arts Night" for me and my wife. The first part of our evening was spent at our eldest daughter's junior high band concert. There were two groups, actually: An all-strings ensemble and then a more traditional band, in which my daughter plays the trumpet.

The strings group was composed of 18 violins and violas (and for two pieces, two high school cellists joined them; evidently, there are no junior high cellists at the school). They were, in a word, good. I mean, really good. As in, most high school string groups of this size would have trouble rivaling them.

My daughter's group was composed of 34 instrumentalists, including 12 trumpets. I'm not sure if this group had fewer experienced kids, because they weren't quite as polished as the first group—but they were still good. And they've only been together for three months.

It made me glad my children go to school at BJ.

My wife and I left that venue and walked five minutes across campus to Rodeheaver Auditorium where we enjoyed a production of The Tempest by the University Classic Players. We fully expected a first-class production, and we were not disappointed. Each of us participated in a Shakespearean play while we were students at Bob Jones University, so we have some idea about what to anticipate.

The acting, staging, and special effects were all very good. The Classic Players always does an excellent job, and I am glad I could enjoy a "date" with my wife to this performance.

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