Thursday, March 11, 2010

How is Your Congressman Going to Vote?

The Hill, which is more-or-less the newspaper of record covering things in Congress, has published a list of which Democrats could possibly vote "No" on the abominable healthcare legislation currently before the U.S. House. Please take a look at the list, and if you have a Congressman who might vote "No" on this bill, call and demand that he/she do the right thing!

For those of you in Michigan, Reps. Stupak, Schauer, and Kildee are on the list. Pester them if they belong to you!

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Q said...

Boehner asked the speaker to have a 'Roll Call'. It was denied, a number of other Republican Conservatives also stood up and asked. The Dumbocrats cowardly did not do it....

Quentin E. Sanford, Editor