Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is a Senate Democrat?

1. A Senate Democrat, first and foremost, is a liar. They tell the voters that they are going to serve the people and represent their interests when, in fact, they serve their own interests and chip away at the freedoms of their constituents.

2. A Senate Democrat is a promise-breaker. Claim to be pro-life? Means nothing on voting day. Claim to promote openness in Congress? Astonishingly quiet on days like today. Claim to cut taxes? Ha!

3. A Senate Democrat is an invertebrate—a living creature without a backbone. Posturing (to send the image that a backbone exists) is generally for the purposes of negotiation or the necessary sound/video bite. When the going gets tough, they simply get in line and vote as they are told.

4. A Senate Democrat is a socialist (or statist, if you prefer that term). Every last one of them voted to foist a horrific socialist healthcare system on our country the other day, and they all seem to prefer government expansion into our lives.

5. A Senate Democrat is not pro-life. From time to time, when the political repercussions are minimal, they may voice some statements that give a different impression. Check the voting records for the truth.

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