Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On the Death of Senator Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy died this morning after a bout with brain cancer. His death, like anyone's, is sad, and will bring grief to his family and friends.

It is customary upon one's death to focus on the good and positive things that person did during his lifetime. As a conservative, I have profound disagreements with much of the political agenda Kennedy brought to his job, but to the extent I agree with what he did, I will commend him.

Although less customary, it is prudent to focus on what happens after one's lifetime. Senator Kennedy's private life was marked by scandal, drunkenness, and inappropriate relationships with women, but his eternal destiny will not be decided by those activities. Where Ted Kennedy is now spending eternity was decided during his lifetime, by whether he did or did not put his faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of his sins and the salvation of his soul.

I sincerely hope that Ted Kennedy put his faith Jesus Christ. Have you? Where will you spend eternity?


maidintheus said...

And that is THE question.

I'm very appreciative of your attention to things that are most important.

Orlin said...

Regarding "but to the extent I agree with what he did, I will commend him." ~~ I absolutely disagree although I do appreciate your comments. Regards, Orlin in Marquette Michigan