Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is a follow-up to an entry I wrote last week.

Last week Phil Kerpen (Americans for Prosperity) wrote the following list of Obama's top-five broken far. On Wednesday, he wrote an equally insightful follow-up to it, under the title, "Promise-Breaker-In-Chief Puts Pork Over Principle."

It appears that Obama will sign the pork-laden omnibus bill very soon, despite the promised five days of review on the White House website. And in doing so, he breaks another promise about signing pork-filled, earmark-heavy legislation.

I would be inclined to add that he spent much of calendar year 2008 promising "Change" in Washington. This bill isn't change—it is more of the same wasteful and foolish spending flowing from Congress. If the president really wants change, he should veto the bill...and maybe for good measure, throw it into a burn barrel on live TV. Perhaps that would send a message about change.

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