Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Now We Know Why She Can't Win

As Barack Obama gained ground and traction on Hillary Clinton's presidential drive in recent months, I began to wonder, "Why would democrats vote for him? What's he ever done [that was worthwhile] in Congress?" Eventually, this thesis formed in my mind:

Democrats are voting against Hillary Clinton—they are not voting against her agenda, policy outlines, or "experience"—they are voting against her. To them, she must represent the politics-as-usual (with a generous serving of corruption) crowd that will not change Washington.

They then mistakenly conclude (because he and his signs keep saying so) that Barack Obama will be the agent of change in Washington. This is, of course, ridiculous; his liberal record and beholden-ness to left-wing interest will never be catalysts for positive change.

And now that Obama has crept closer and closer to the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination, superdelegates are beginning to bail on Hillary, wanting to be a part of the "winning side." This has already gone from a trickle to a stream; within days [unless Hillary miraculously thumps Obama on Tuesday] it will be a river, and then a flood.

And then we will probably see the concession speech so many of us did not dare take for granted....

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