Monday, April 7, 2008

The Offertory

Have you ever wondered why people talk/chat/etc. during the offertory at church?

My wife and I would argue that such behavior is disrespectful both to God and to the musician. Odd though it may seem to some, giving is part of worship. We would all do well to teach others this, yes; but we would do even better to act like it is a time of worship. We should use the time of the offering to meditate on the fact that God has given to us and that we are to give back to Him, not only because it is commanded, but because we love Him and joyfully want to give to Him.

On top of this, the musician with the responsibility of playing an offertory has probably spent some time practicing the music. Hopefully this person wants to lend to the atmosphere of worship (as opposed to mere entertainment), and a quiet reflection upon the music is far more appropriate than distracting conversation.

So when the offertory begins at your church, I would recommend quiet meditation and reflection on what God has done for you, what you should do for God, and perhaps a thought or two about the worshipful music being played. Don't distract others during this important time.

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