Monday, December 3, 2007

Sonny's BBQ: A Real Treat!

Last Sunday at lunchtime, on my trip back from Chad's wedding (see post above this one, once it's written), we stopped for lunch at the one and only Sonny's BBQ we saw along the route, in Corbin, KY. For those of us who live outside the deep south, it is a rare treat to enjoy food like this.

Not only was the food very good, so too was the service. Our waitress was a young, sweet, innocent-looking girl named Melissa...and she was the very essence of everything called "southern hospitality." She was friendly, generous, and kind to the kids. If she were getting a grade, it would be an A+. Her manager should promote her to some sort of mentor status.

Good service is not always easy to find for a family of six on a budget eating out. Congratulations to one young lady who epitomized it.

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