Saturday, December 8, 2007

How Badly Does NBC Dislike U.S. Troops??

In an ungrateful and thoughtless decision, NBC has "nixed" advertisements, paid for by Freedom's Watch, which thank our American troops overseas for their service. The "stated reasons" NBC gives are that the commercials give the group's website at the end, and according to Alan Wurtzel, president of research at NBC, "the link to the website violates their policy on controversial issue advertising because it encourages political action and other activities. He said the policy is applied consistently across the board and this group was not targeted in any way." (from the news article linked below)

The story from which I learned of this can be found here.
The two 30-second commercials, which I recommend viewing, are found here and here.
The Freedom's Watch website is There is also a link to a petition with which you can share this viewpoint with NBC!
The response of Bradley Blakeman, president and CEO of Freedom's Watch, to NBC can be found here. He does a fabulous and tasteful job of pointing out that this is, in essence, censorship of a viewpoint which NBC apparently disagrees with. How can any American disagree with a message that merely thanks our American troops who hazard their lives overseas for our safety?!?

And how can NBC, which shows a lot of garbage which ought to be censored, say with straight face that thanking troops at Christmastime is against its policies?

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