Friday, July 27, 2007

"He Must Increase"....and a small math lesson

Continuing in John 3, in verse 30 we see the words "He must increase, but I must decrease." Once again, the word "must" is the same Greek word meaning "It is necessary." John the Baptist was saying that it was necessary for Jesus Christ to increase, and for himself to decrease.

Today's society and philosophies recoil at such an idea, for they teach that I am to increase and get whatever I want or strive for. This is contrary to biblical truth.

In mathematics, we have a concept commonly called inverse variation: The idea that as one variable quantity increases, another variable quantity decreases. The most common example deals with travel: As the rate of speed increases (or decreases), the travel time decreases (or increases) proportionally.

The Christian life works this way. As I exalt Christ and lift Him up, I humble myself. As I bring glory to God, I deflect glory away from myself. The opposite is also true: If I fill myself with pride, and exalt and glorify myself, I steal Christ's glory, and He is reduced in the eyes of men.

Who am I exalting and glorifying today? Who is increasing?

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